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Exam is there or not during this COVID Situation ? [ UPDATED ]

Stay healthy and stay safe ...!!

And stay updated to the post to get the fast news in this covid situation 

Exam Postponed due to Covid

New Updates : Schools are not going to reopen till November End in Tamilnadu. [Last Update 18:15, 12th Nov 2020]

On account of Diwali festival, lot of passengers move one place to other place, this may leads to increase in covid cases..., so by keeping this situation in mind , all the schools in tamilnadu are completely closed till november

How many percent of chances that there is exam to be held in November ?

There is 80% of chances for exams are to be held in this November only in the condition of State Exams like TNPSC, KPSC, PSC exams etc.

But unfortunately, there is very little chances (25%) that the exams for central government aspirants to be held by this month.
This 25% chance is only in the condition of the boards to follow the procedures, terms and conditions. 

50% - Permission to be given by every state concerns else it may be opted out for the particular state.
25% - Permission to be given by MHA Concerns.
ICAI Exam is postponed

SSC Exam date

List of important points that may helps to postponed of Exam :

  • Raise of Coronavirus in the top states and cities, recently our national capital territory of India is  New Delhi has started to increase in coronavirus cases, which is more than 4000 to 5000 cases per day
  • Most of the Offline mode of exams cannot be managed easily, because still now schools and colleges are not resumed for exam center.
  • State Concerns - West Bengal, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh ..etc some states are trying to extend the lockdown till the year. So this, may affects the offline mode of Examination. This states will not allow the board to keep exams.
  • Transport Facilities - If the central government exam is allotted means, most of them will suffer for this exam, because majority of candidates will get the center nearly 300-600km distance surrounding. Still Trains are not resumed.
  • Center Allotment - Due to this COVID situation, the center allotment is toughest part for the board, because social distancing to be followed strictly, else the candidate or state minister may raise the question against the board.
  • The above points mostly suitable for Offline Mode of Examination.

List of important points that may does not helps to postponed of Exam :

  • If opted out is there means, some states may get this option.
  • Most of the online mode exam is possible, and for offline mode (rarely)
  • Short Duration exam (1 day exam possibility) , Long term exam (exams held more than 4 days ) least possible.
  • If MHA and State given permissions
  • 96% of Covid cases are cured in some states, so this may helps to conduct exam.

List of Important November Exams status are in Queue


    SSC Phase VIII 
Exam is Completed, held ( November 6 to 10)
    SSC SI Delhi paper II
Exam is Postponed
    SSC Steno 
90% Exam Chances, 10% not there
  SSC Junior Translator 
90% Exam Chances, 10% not there
 KVS 2020 
Exam is postponed to december
   ICAI CA Final100% Ongoing
  ICAI CA Inter100% Ongoing
 UGC NET 2020 
Exam is postponed

        -  Exam 100% Completed

        - Awaiting for the responses from the board notification.  

        - Exam postponed 100% 

If there is exam means , all the best to all the aspirants.

Else, if not means.., continue with your preparation until 4 days before exams.


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