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How to find the website is scam or legit

How to find a website is legit or scam Introduction to find Scam Website

Welcome you all,  

In today's post , we are going to see about the topic Scam Website.
Due to Lock down many job seekers and the person who needs for extra income, they are moving to searching job to work from home. But Unfortunately lot of Scammers or fraudulent trying to fill there pocket by creating lot of Scam Websites.

How the Scammers getting Money from You :-

Lot of Scammers just opening a website and creating a work from home jobs such as Data Entry , Content Writing , Typing Jobs, Survey jobs , Captcha Jobs etc..,

For the above jobs they simply trying to get money from you like example : For Typing job you need to pay a initial amount of Rs 1000, ( Refundable)  these are things they will ask..

Lets Check Scam or legit

- Open Google
- Search as Scam Advisor 
- click the 1st Suggestion

IndCovers Scam or legit

- After Clicking , Search in the header part of the website
- Search any website to get the reviews
- Here I done one legit website score and views

- I searched the website in scam adviser
- The website shows is high and might be safe.

Scam Advisor legit or scam score

- Finally by scrolling down and you can able to check the score of the website and also you can identified the website is legit or scam

- Here you can see any type of the website.

Note :

- If any money earning website does not have any reviews means kindly don't use that check only the domain years and contact pages and locations.

Other Some Important Reviewers :-

If you planning to move on any earning site, kindly check in any of the website that i have listed.

Give your feedback in the comment section.


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