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Earn Money by Answering Questions

Earn Money through Online by answering Questions

Earn Money through Online

Welcome, Today we are going to see about How to Earn Money through Online by Answering Questions. Many peoples are lost they're jobs during this quarantine period ( COVID 19). So, lot of persons trying to move they're career as Online job and some peoples are doing work from home (IT persons).

Work from Home

Peoples Suffered from Earning Money

IT persons having they're Job .., which is safe for them., But Unfortunately most suffered professionals from earning money such as :-
  • Government Exam Aspirants
  • Physical based Company Workers
and Others who are trying to search New jobs before COVID.

Earn Money from this website

Website Name : Chegg India

Note :  Don't move blindly by clicking this link , if you do that , you will be chance to miss this Opportunity.

Review : 

Scam Advisor : 

Who can able to work in this ? 

  • Subject Matter Experts ,
  • Government Exam Aspirants.

Subjects : 

Business : 

- Accounts
- Economics
- Operating Management
- Finance

Engineering :

- Chemical Engineering
- Civil Engineering
- Computer Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering

Science :

- Advanced Physics
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics

Mathematics :
- Advanced Math
- Basic Math
- Calculus
- Statistics & Probability
- Other Math

Health Care :

- Anatomy & Physiology
- Nursing
- Psychology

Earth Science :

How to Use Chegg India

- Use Google Search as Chegg India , Click the first suggestion else use the above Link to move directly.
Chegg India Earning Google Search

- Click the Expert opportunities in the header section and click Q & A Expert Sign up

Earn Money through Online

- After Clicking Q & A Expert Sign Up, Kindly register the Details

- Finally Your interview session will start with Chegg 


Subjects Expert :

You will get 15 Questions to answer ( MCQ's ). You need to score at least 50% of score to pass this examination ( If you failed in 1st attempts means , there is another chance ) only 2 attempts are allowed.
Results are announced Instantly..( You can search anywhere in google , but they need answer )

Guidelines Test :

After completing the first test next steps is guidelines test. They will give you a guidelines PDF file, have a glance and attend the test within 2 days . In this step you will have 3 attempts  and scoring is 80% is needed . Both the Exams has no time limit . 

After Successful completion : You need to submit all the documents such as Pan Card, Bank Accounts etc.., 

Your Selected confirmation mail will come like this.

Confirmation form

I am Expert in Physics... Now its your turn to take the test....

Give Your Feedback in the comment section . I will really help you..

And for more Earning websites check our website , which are already listed.

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