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World Environmental Day on June 5 Time to Save the Environment

World Environmental Day :

World Environmental Day was first established in the year 1972 by UN General Assembly in Stockholm Conference, From the Year 1974 , for the first time Day formed under the them "Only One Earth " the main highlight of the day  is we should join our hands to protect the health of the Environment.

World Environmental Day June 5 Image

World Environment Day is celebrated in the month of June 5

How to save Environment: 

At a never-ending rate, we are destroying nature and threatening a million species' survival and our future. However, it is not too late to save us and them. The evidence is undisputed. Biodiversity and ecosystem resources are being disrupted to the point that our well-being is being threatened, at least, with human change. Are we destroying our environment? What is causing degradation? Because we have discovered a way to cure some of the most infectious diseases, we have rapidly increased human populations. We needed more land, more water, most of all because of our population boom. Forestry is almost gone, as we had to clear it out for planting more crops, for grasping and for providing wood and other raw materials for livestock. ( Scientific Names of Plants and Animals )

There are some steps by which we can save our environment:

Use Recycle Bags Environmental Images
Reduce Reuse Recycle (3R Principle)

By using reusable bags:

Typical plastic food bags are thrown away end up in waste disposal sites or other pieces. They can suffocate or confuse animals that are trapped in them. It takes a while to decompose the bags as well. Using a reusable pack, whether you shop for food, clothing, or books. This reduces the litter and stops animals from taking it. Some retailers also offer discounts for reusable bags.


It's so easy to do recycling, but so many people don't. Most waste disposal companies have recycling services, so look for the starting point with the company you use! It's so easy that you get a bucket and throw it out for free with your garbage. The disposal of cans around trashcans is another form of recycling. You should take a further step towards locating recycling cans on your campus instead of dumping recyclables into the trash.

By using reusable beverages containers:

Be careful to buy a bulk container of the drink you want and buy a reusable water bottle instead of buying individually-packed drinks. This not only protects the climate; it also saves you money as a bulk container is purchased. Some coffee shops also give customers who are using a reusable drink cup a discount. For example: Starbucks offers customers who do this a small discount. 

By saving electricity:

Instead of standard lamps, using energy-efficient light bulbs. This lasts longer, saving you a little money. Switch off cameras, TVs, and other apps if you don't need them. If it's not necessary, lower your heat or air conditioning. For between seasons, this is especially true. In the early fall, open your windows or lay your clothes.

By saving water:

More often than we can see, water is wasted. Take off the hair case while your teeth are brushing. Don't turn on your shower until you can take your hair and wash it. As you wash the dishes, limit your consumption of water. It's nice for the world because it is your pocket to change old habits.

Save Water for the Environment day

By avoiding taking cars when possible:

Cars are environmentally harmful. Public transport, walking or riding a bike to class are better ways to support the environment, the budget and exercise. Compare your schedule and residence places with those in your classes if you choose to use your car. You can divide gas costs and alternate times for who drives when. It's cheaper than all drivers and you're closer with friends. 

The following are the ways by which we can save environment. 

Author : Naeem Abbas (Content Writer)

Country : Pakistan , Punjab - Bhakkar

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