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Scientific Names in Biology


Scientific Names in Biology are given below.. This session is important part to discuss either may get at least one questions in Competitive exams. Here we had discussed scientific names used in biology and scientific names used in all national animals and symbols in India. ( World Environmental Day )
Important Scientific Names for competative exams

Scientific Names in Biology

S.No Common Name Scientific Name
1. Human Being Homo sapiens
2. Onion Allium sativum
3. Rat Rattus rattus
4. Pigeon Columba livia
5. Tamarind Tamirindus indica
6. Lime Citrus aurantifolia
7. Neem Tree Azadirachta indica
8. Frog Rana hexadactyla
9. Coconut Cocos nucifera
10. Rice Oryza sativa
11. Fish Catla catla
12. Orange Citrus sinensis
13. Ginger Zingiber officinale
14. PapayaCarica papaya
15. Date Phoenix dactylifera

Scientific Names for Our National Symbols

S.No Category Common Name Scientific Name
1. National Animal Tiger Panthera tigris
2. National Bird Peacock Pavo cristatus
3. National Tree Banyan Ficus benghalensis
4. National Aquatic Animal Dolphin Platanista gangetica
5. National Fruit Mango Mangifera Indica
6. National Flower Lotus Nelumbo nucifera
7. National Embelum Lion (Capital of Ashoka) Panthera Leo

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