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Here we are going to show you a job related in both ways :

- one is working with us

- one is working with other companies as a full time and part time

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Task 1

Content Writing Jobs
We are the team of India Cover , hiring a part time content writers, with 100% payment out in Paytm ,  Google Pay , 

Tasks and payments are given below :-

- Task 1 - Write a content in your own what you read in the book

Note :
  • The Content should contains atleast more than 600 words.
  • Both Html tags and MS word file , notepad file , power point is accepted.
  • Only approved after the Quality Checking ( Dont worry we will tell correction after we will give payout )
  • Content should be competative Exam based materials.
  • Sample Content Check here : Check the Sample Copy
Payout for Task 1 : (5 - 7 Rs per Content Post)

Task 2 - Youtube

Youtube job from India Cover
Payout for Task 2 : ( 50Rs - 150Rs )

Note :

Topic : Tamil Memes videos create

3 minutes video payout - Rs 50

4 minutes video payout - Rs 100

                                                 5 minutes video payout - Rs 150

Videos Accepted after verifying copyright issues, dont worry we will not cancel your videos we will tell to remove some items in videos , if any copyright strikes is there means.

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