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                                "   Heat and Temperature  "

Introduction of Temperature :

                       The Measurement of Warmness or Coldness of a substance is known as its temperature.

Units of Temperature

                      *   Degree Celsius 
                      *   Fahrenheit
                      *   Kelvin   ( The SI unit of temperature is Kelvin )

What happens during measuring Temperature ?

                       In a Thermometer, when Liquid gets heat, it expands and when it is cooled down, contracts. It is used to measure temperature.

Instrument used to measure Temperature is Thermometer.
                   " Thermometer is the most common instrument to measure temperature" Mostly Alcohol and Mercury are used in thermometers as they remain in liquid from even with a change of temperature in them A small change in the temperature causes change in volume of a liquid. We measure this temperature by measuring expansion of a liquid in thermometer.

Types of Thermometers:

                              There are different types of thermometers for measuring the temperatures of different things like air, our bodies, food etc..,  Among these, the commonly used thermometers are clinical thermometers and Laboratory thermometers.
                                         *    Clinical Thermometer
                                         *     Laboratory Thermometers
                                         *     Digital Thermometer
                                         *     Maximum_minimum Thermometer 

Clinical Thermometer:

Clinical Thermometer Image India Cover

It is used to measure the temperature of human body, at home clinics and hospitals.  All clinical thermometers have a kink that prevents the mercury from flowing back into the bulb Clinical thermometer is scaled from 35 °C to 42 °C or from 94 F to 108 F

Laboratory Thermometer

 Laboratory thermometer:

                       Laboratory thermometer are used to measure the temperature in school and other laboratories for scientific research.
                       Laboratory thermometer is generally scaled from -10°C to 110 °C.

 Digital Thermometer:

Digital Thermometer
 Digital thermometer are available which do not use mercury. Digital thermometers are mainly used to take the body temperature.

Maximum_Minimum thermometer:

                                 The maximum and minimum temperatures of the previous day reported in weather reports are measured by a thermometer called the maximum_minimum thermometer .


Facts points to temperature

            Boiling point of water                            -        100°C         
            Freezing point of water                          -        0° C
            Mean temperature of human body        -        37 °C
            Room temperature                                  -        27°C
            Density of water is more at                    -          4० C

How to Convert Celsius to Kelvin ?

To Convert Celsius to Kelvin , its very simple and easy one just add the Celsius number with 273 to get a Kelvin.

27० C + 273 = 310 K

Same as for Kelvin to Celsius

To Convert Kelvin to Celsius , just (-) minus with 273.

How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit ?

To Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit , just multiply the Celsius with (9/5) and add with 32

For Example :-

30० C x 9/ 5   = 54  ( Step 1)

54 + 32 = 86 ० F ( Answer).

To Know more Constant Values in Physics : Constant Values

Comment Your Answer Here for the below Questions .

1, Convert 50० C into Fahrenheit ?

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4, Convert 293 k into Fahrenheit ?



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