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Prime Minister Modi address to the Nation India

Thanking for the responses Janta curfew (March 22) , which are successfully made by each Indian
with this crisis , all Indians need to support to fight against this disease.

The people of India watching daily news related to these pandemic disease,

These coronavirus is spreading so rapidly, so everyone should keep distance from another and especially social distancing is only way to safe. There is no other way.

To Stop coronavirus, the chain of spreading is to be stopped and irresponsible attitude of few, may face critical situation
If such a irresponsible activity is persists, they are severly taken an action.

The nation is going to take few decision today from today midnight 12 the entire country should be completely banned to come outside of home

Every state, every district and every union territory should take a challenge.
The next 21 days minimum , is most crucial part to break the cycle of India, to stop this infection.

If you not able to manage then many families will be destroyed ever.

Please forget to go outside, stay at home for the next 21 days.

If you come out , the great Pandemic disese will invite you,

Spread the awarness through mobile communication.

Who said that if one person affected it can infect many peoples , it means world fire.

It took 67 days for the number of coronavirus affected from the one to lakhs 
it took 11 days it become rapid for 1 lakhs, 
At present bad situation it taken 3 lakhs in 4 days.

Many countries faced the situation rapidly such as China, Usa , Italy, Iran, Germany etc..,

It is the greatest challenge for all peoples in india.

If the country follow this challenge there is cent percent chances to clear this coronavirus.

Our motive is should not come outside home.

To save our life from coronavirus ,only way is should not come outside

India is at the stage , manage to reduce the cases of coronavirus.

remember If there is life , there is hope.

And praying for the people who are working for the infected to control against pandemic disease 

Please pray for those who are working for you , to sanitizing and cleaning our country.

Think about the Police person, they are doing there duty , without taking rest. they does not thinking to safe them. they are working for us.

We are giving protective life to you.

Now 15crores rupees is allocated for this pandemic disease. especially for the safety clothes, medicines, bed etc..,

Please dont belive the rumours spread by some others

I am very confident everyone will take the challenge

21 Days is challenging one to keep you safe.

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