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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Speech about Covid 19

Coronavirus awarness

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ALERT !!!!

Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, given a speech related to the precaution of coronavirus.
Today(19th march @8 pm ) Our prime Minister of India requested to country men in India , on 22nd March 2020 everyone should stay inside your home should not come outside from morning 7am to night 9pm.

This Mass home arrest make the government can easily undertake the necessary steps and to stopping completely , this one day home arrest can make good result in India, for this sucessfull Bandh on the same day evening 5pm , everyone should come outside give a aloud clapping sound.

Dear Country Men and Women in India , Dont get Pannic at this situation, we people of India should fight against COVID 19, for that we should take a right food especially guava, gooseberry, ginger, garlic , turmeric etc..,


- if you are healthy means no need to get panic.

- And should not be make crowd at any place of any situation,

- Government taken a responisble for the basic people needs such as Milk, Food and other grocerry products.

- So dont make crowd in the shops and other department stores.

Thank You for Support .....!!!

Be happy and Stay Healthy ....!!!

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