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Human Brain Functions and Regions in General Science

Brain Functions from nervous system


The Brain and Spinal Cord constitute the Central Nervous System. They receive information from all parts of the body and integrate it.

Brain Functions to the Voluntary Actions :

Writing, talking, moving a chair, clapping , these actions sends messages to the muscles , and this is the second way in which the nervous system communicates with the muscles.

Brain Functions in the Nervous system Communication :

The Communication between Central Nervous system and other parts of the body is facilitated by peripheral Nervous system.

The Peripheral Nervous system is divided into two nerves system are shown above, one is Cranial Nerves ( which is arising from the brain) and there are 12 Cranial Nerves are present such as Olfactory nerve, optic nerve, occumulator nerve etc.., 
And the another one is Spinal Nerves (which is arising from the spinal cord ) and it consists almost 31 pairs each in one vertebral column, it mainly helps in the functions of motar signals from the body through the spinal cord.

Regions of the Brain :-
  • Fore Brain
  • Mid Brain
  • Hind Brain

Fore Brain parts and its Brain functions

The Fore Brain is also called as Prosencephalon.

The Fore Brain consists of Cerebrum, Cranium (Skull).

The largest part of the brain is located in this regions of fore brain ,which is Cerebrum ( also called as telencephalon ), and this Cerebrum which has two hemispheres and main functions is intrepting anything, and speaking , hearing and other lot of voluntary actions happens in Cerebrum. It Covers maximum part of the Brain.

The Cranial Bones consists of eight bones in the Skull to protect the brain such as frontal , parential, occipital, ethmoid bones etc..,
The main Brain functions of this regions is thinking part and it also helps in hearing, smell, sight specializing, and other sensory information is interpreted by putting it together with the information from other receptors as well as with information that already stored in the brain.

Example : Hunger Feeling

Fore Brain mainly control the voluntary Muscles

Based on this decision is made about how to respond and the information is passed on to the motar areas which control the movement of Voluntary muscles.

Example : Our Leg Muscles
Mid Brain Parts and its Brain Functions

Mid Brain is also called as Mesencephalon.

Mid Brain consists of Hypothalamus and Pitutary gland.

The Main Brain Functions of this Brain is a part of endocrine gland such as pitutary, which helps in growth of all organs.And it also helps in motar movement particularly eye movement and in audio and visual processing

Pitutary Gland : The Pitutary Gland is also called as Master Gland, because in endocrine glands it helps to control other glands.

Hypothalamus : It is situated below the Pitutary gland , it plays a important role in regulating our Body Temperature and releasing harmones.

Mid Brain Controls the Involuntary Muscles.

Example :
Our Mouth waters when we see food we like
Our heart beat without our thinking about them.

Hind Brain Parts and Brain Functions
Hind Brain is also called as Rhombencephalon

Hind Brain Consists of Pons, Medulla Oblangata, Cerebellum.

Many of the involuntary actions including Blood Pressure, salivation and vomiting are controlled by the medulla in the Hind Brain.

Thinking about the activities like walking in a straight line, riding a Bicycle, picking up of Pencil. These are possible due to part of hind brain called Cerebellum

The respiration, digestion, which are comes under Medulla Oblangata.

Pons is the part of Brain Stem , which connects the fore Brain and Cerebellum and mainly helps in the functions of sleeping, waking, Swalloing, hearing etc ..,

From the above topics that we have discussed about the regions of the Brain, and now we are going to move on to :-

How these Communication of Brain occurs :-

Think it yourself, when you touch the hot body what happens ? Don't try to touch the hot body it will cause a lot.

Its from the action of Reflex .
These reflex action occurs when it does not know you it occurs suddenly .

For Example :

When you touch the Hot Body without knowing yourself, it receptors the heat or pain to the skin then you suddenly taking your hands back. In simple words " getting back your hands after touching the flame "

And another example is your mouth waters reflexively , when you see a food or smell mainly happens during hungry situation.

The Communication is by reflex action from spinal cord. 

Spinal Cords are made up of several nerves which sends information to thinking about it , these helps in more complex and neural mechanism to get better information.

And the Communication for reflex action is works not only by Spinal Cord , it also plays a vital role in the main coordinating centre of the body which is Brain.

This is the order for the communication is send from spinal cord to the brain. So, these two parts ( Spinal Cord and Brain ) constitute to be a Central Nervous system. ( Which is already mentioned in the beginning of the article )

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Brain is protected by the membrane :

The Brain is protected by the membrane called meninges.

These Meninges is made up of three thin layers which are :- Piameter, archoid, Durameter.

Location of the three layers :

Piameter : The Piameter located in the inner most layer of the Brain, and contains fluid called Cerebrospinal fluid. Which is also called as " tender mother ". 

Archnoidmeter : The Archnoid is present in the midlle layer of the Brain, and it contains the cerebrospinal fluid and Blood vessels.
Durameter  : The outermost layer which is the toughest part of the Brain 
These layers are constite the thin layers surrounded the brain by the membrane called Meninges.

How the spinal cord is protected ?

Vertebral Column or Back bone which protects the spinal cord . And these spinal cord is also protected by the three layers by meninges. which is similar to the brain.

Why the fluid is present inside the Brain ?

The fluid in the Brain is mainly responsible to protect the Brain , which is inside the box the brain is contained fluid filled baloon, which provides further shock absorption.

End of the Session :-

From the Above article you came to know more about Brain Functions such as

  • Voluntary Actions of the Brain
  • Involuntary Actions of the Brain
  • Communication between Brain and Spinal Cord
  • Regions of the Brain
  • Regions classification and Explanation
  • How Brain is Protected ?
  • How Spinal Cord is protected ?

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