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Indus River System in India Cover


There are 2 types of River system in India :-
  • Himalayan River system
  • Peninsular River system


The Main Himalayan River system are : -
  • The Indus
  • The Ganga
  • The Brahmaputra


Outline :  

Source : Near Lake Mansorover in the Kailash Range in Tibet China

Tributaries : Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas.

  • It is the National River of Pakistan
  • It is the longest river in India
Important Points to Know :

  • Only Indus Tributaries that flows only in India is - Beas
  • Sutlej River is the longest tributary of Indus
  • Bakranangal dam is the Highest Straight Gravity Dam
  • Largest Fresh Water Lake is Wular Lake

Brief :

Indus River sources near Lake Mansorover in tibet , China 

It enters into India in Jammu and Kashmir and flows through Pakistan finally joins into Arabian Sea in Karachi 

Tributaries of Indus :

Chenab : Source in Barlachala Pass in Himachal pradesh - Jammu and Kashmir - joins into Indus in Methankot ( Pakistan)

It is also Known as Moon River

Jhelum : Source in the Place Verinag suitated at the foot of Pirpanchal range in Jammu and Kashmir - Flows to Srinagar and enters into the Lake Wuller and - flows and takes a bend at Muzafarabhad and turns south finnaly joins with Chenab in Trimmu (Pakistan)

Ravi : Source near Rohtang pass in Himachal Pradesh and into Punjab and flows through Lahore (Pakistan) and joins chenab at Nainkot

Sutlej : Source near Lake Mansorover and flows through Tibet and enters India at Himachal pradesh ( Bakranangal dam) and Punjab (Nangal Dam) and it enters in Pakistan and joins at Chenab in Methankot

Beas : Source is from Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh and flows through Punjab and joins Sutlej at Harikepattan

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