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Ganga River System │ India Cover

River - Ganga

  • The length of river Ganga is 2525kms
  • It is the Longest river in India.

Outline :

Source : Two streams (Baghirathi and Alaknanda) join together to form River Ganga. The River main source is from under Gangotri Glacier Which is "Gaumukh" means "Mouth of the Cow"

Important Facts : 

  • Tehri Dam is the Highest Dam in India.
  • In Bangladesh, the River Ganga is called as River Padma
  • Longest tributories of Ganga by Volume is Gaghra River
  • Longest River of Nepal is - Gaghra River
  • Sorrow of Bihar - Kosi
  • Sorrow of Bengal - Damodar

River Flows : Two Streams Baghirathi Source from Gangotri and enters into Tehri Dam  and Alaknanda source from Satopanth Glacier. Both this stream meet at Devprayag in Uttarkhand to start the flow of Ganga and it enters into Haridwar, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal finnally it enters into Bangladesh on one side ( called Ganga as a Padma ) and joins into Bay of Bengal, and other side forms Hoogly River enters into Bay of Bengal


  • Left Bank Tributories
  • Right Bank Tributories

Left Bank Tributories

Ram Ganga : Orginates in Uttarkhand in Namik Glacier flows Ram Ganga Dam and through Uttar Pradesh .

Gomati : Orgin Northern Uttar Pradesh - Lucknow - joins near Varanasi

Ghagra River  : Source in Tibet - enters into Nepal - Uttar Pradesh and joins Ganga.

Gandak : Orgin in Nepal and flows into Bihar and joins Ganga

Kosi  : Orgin in Nepal and flows into Bihar and joins Ganga at Badalpur (Bihar) 

Mahananda : Orgin Darjeling flows through West Bengal and joins to Ganga.

Right Bank Tributories :

Yamuna : Orgin from Yamunotri Glacier flows Parallel to Ganga through New Delhi Joins the Ganga at Allahabad

Three Tributories of Yamuna orginates in Madhya Pradesh :
  • Chambal 
  • Sind
  • Betwa

Son : Orginates in Amarkantak Plateau joins Ganga near Patna

Damodar : Chotanagpur plateau flows into Jharkhand and joins into Hoogly River

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