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List of Radio Isotopes and their Uses │ India Cover



ISOTOPES : The isotopes of an element has same Atomic Number but Different Mass number

Radioisotope is defined as the atom of an unstable combination of an atom or excess of energy from the nucleus, and these are widely used in medical appliances for scanning , treatment and diagonsis.

Isotope & Medical Uses :

Tritrium  - Water Content in Human Body

Carbon 11 - Brain Scan 

Carbon 14 - Radio Immunology

Calcium 47 - Studying Cellular Functions and bone formation in Mammals

Sodium 24 - Blood Clot Location

Iron 59 - Diagonsis of Anemia

Cobalt 60 - Treatment of Cancer

Gallium 67 - Medical Diagnosis

Iodine 131 - Used in Thyroid Disorder

Gold 198 - Curing of cancer

Mercury 80 - Kidney Scan

Phosphorous 32 - Eye Tumours

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