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15th August 1947 : Lord Mountbatten swears in Jawaharlal Nehru as the first Prime Minister of India .

26th January - Republic Day

First lok sabha election held from - 25th October 1951 to 21 February 1951.

                 - ELECTED                            - Acting 

                 - RE-ELECTED

JAWAHARLAL NEHRU (1952 - 1964 )

Who is the first Prime Minister of India - Jawaharlal Nehru

He is the First Prime Minister of India , and also the longest serving PM of India.

In the year Dec 1953 Nehru appointed State re organisation Commission , by creating the states by linguistic basis , and it is headed by Fazhl Ali , and these commission is known as Fazhl Ali Commission.

Under 7th amendment, Part A and Part B states were removed , and later become simply as a 'state'.

In the year 1954 , Nehru signed Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence with china . ( Called Panchsheel in India )

1955 - Winner of Bharat Ratna Award
1961 - Goa was annexed to India.
1961 - 3rd Five Year Plan ( Gadgil Plan ) - ( 1961 to 1966 )
1962 - Nehru Adopted Forward Policy
1962 - Indo China War

27th may 1964 - Nehru Died by Heart Attack.
14th Nov 1964 - First Commemorative coin is released in the honor of India's First Prime Minister.


He was the Acting Prime Minister of India 

1997 - Bharat Ratna Winner

LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI ( 1964 - 1966 )

2nd Prime Minister of India

He Promoted White Revolution , by increasing the supply of Milk on discussing with Verghesekurein.

Also Promoted Green Revolution , and given a 
Slogan : " Jai Jawan Jai Kisan " ( Hail the Soldier, Hail the Farmer )  during Indo-Pak War of 1965

Food Corporation of India Act is set up 1964


Acting for the 2nd time as the Prime Minister after the death of Lal Bahadur shastri.

INDIRA GANDHI  ( 1966 - 1977 )

1st Lady Prime Minister of India.

1st Congress Split - 1969

14 Banks are nationalised in the year 1969.

Fourth five year Plan is launched ( 1st Plan by this government ) 

Got Nobel Prize in the year 1971

Fifth Five Year Plan ( 1974 - 1978 )

Slogan : Garibhi Hatao ( Remove Poverty )

Bangladesh War of Independence : 1971 ( Pakistan War )

Declared a State of Emergency in the year ( 1975 - 1977 ) 18Months. ( President : Fakhrudin Ahmad Ali ) caused by internal disorder ( Article 352 -1 )

20 Point Programme was launched in 1975 by Indira Gandhi.

Shah Commission - 1977

MORARJI DESAI ( 1977 - 1979 )

He is the fourth Prime Minister of India

He is the oldest Person to become a Prime Minister at the age of 80

He is the 2nd Deputy Prime minister of India after Sardar vallabhai Patel.

1977 new party is formed ( Janata Party formed on 23 jan 1977 ) won the election 

High Denomination of Bank Notes ( Demonetisation ) Act - 1978
( Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 10000 notes are banned in use )

CHARAN SINGH ( 1979 - 1980 )

He is the Fifth Prime Minister of India

His Birthday is celebrated as National Farmers day (Dec 23 )

He is also called as the " Champion of Indian Peasants "

He is the only Prime Minister in India , who does not face the Parliament.

INDIRA GANDHI ( 1980 - 1984 )

3rd Prime minister of India ( Re elected ) 1st female PM of India,

Sixth Five year Plan - ( 1980 - 1985 )

Operation Forward in 1982

Indira Gandhi Ordered to launch Operation Blue Star on 3rd june 1984

( Body Gaurds of Indira Gandhi )Satwant Singh and Beant Singh shot her in their Service Guns on October 1984

RAJIV GANDHI ( 1984 - 1989 )

He is the Sixth Prime Minister of India

He is the youngest Prime minister in India.

52nd Amendament Act 1985 adds 10th Schedule of the Constitution ( Anti Defecation )

He Announced a National Policy on Education in 1986 modified in 1992 ( It already used in the year 1968 )

21 May 1991 Assacinated at Sriperumbudur

On the death of this (21 May ) day is declared as the " Anti-Terrorism Day " in India.

In the year 1991 , he awarded Bharat Ratna Posthumously Award.


Seventh Prime Minister of India

Implementation of Mandal Commission of Backward Class (1990)

CHANDRASEKAR (1990 - 1991)

Eigth Prime Minister of India

P V NARASIMHA RAO ( 1991 - 1996 )

Nineth Prime Minister of India

He is also called as "Father of Indian Economic Reforms" and also called as " Chanakya " in Economic reforms

Implemented International Monetary Fund (IMF policies ) 

Implemented Globolisation in the eighth five year plan.

Foreign Direct investment (FDI) is introduced in India for trading with foreign countries.

Introduced SEBI Act of 1992

Ayodhya Demolition - 6 Dec 1992 (Liberhan Commission )

National Women's Commission established in the year 1992

National Human Rights Commission of India Constituted in the year 1993

National Commission for Backward Class - 1993


He is the Tenth Prime minister of India

He was the First President of Bharatiya Janata Party  

He Became the 10th Prime Minister of India , But Unfortunately he unable to form a Government, so his duration became 16 days in his first Sworn

HD DEVA GOWDA (1996-1997)

He is the Eleventh Prime Minister of India

And Second Prime Minister from Rajya Sabha


He is the Twelveth Prime Minister of India

And third Prime Minister from Rajya Sabha, after Indira Gandhi and H D Deva Gowda


After sworn as Prime Minister for second year his government just lasted only for 13 months , 

Pokran II Nuclear Test during this period in 1998 

In the year 1999, he loses the support of AIADMK ( Jayalalitha support Withdrewal ), So once again he loses the Prime Minister by one Vote , so by ensuring the Vote of Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha is dissolved.

He was a member of Parliament for 5 Decades


Armed conflict between India and Pakistan - Kargil War- July, 1999

This war is also reffered as Operation Vijay

Vajpayee is the First foreign Minister to give Speech in united Nations General Assembly in Hindi

Persons Visited during his Tenure :
- Jimmy Carter in 1978 ( he was a External Affairs minister )
- Bill Clinkton in 2000 ( He was a Prime Minister - US President visiting after 22 years in India )

2001 - Parliament Attack by Terrorist

Prevention of Terrorism Act in 2002

Biological Diversity Act - 2002

National Highway Development Project 

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan - 2001- Education Quality Improvement for Primary and Secondary Schools.

MANMOHAN SINGH ( 2004-2014 )

He is the Thirteenth Prime Minister of India

He is the first sikh Prime Minister of India

He is the second person to complete full term after Jawarhlal Nehru

He was the 15th Governer of Reserve Bank of India (1982-1985)

Right to Information Act - 2005

National Rural Employement Gaurantee Act - 2005

Chandrayan 1 Successfully Launched - 2008

Mumbai Taj Attacks - 2008

Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) Founded - 2009

National Health Mission - 2013

Mangalyaan Launched - 2013

NARENDRA MODI (2014 - Incumbent )

He is the 14th Prime Minister of India

First Prime Minister winning for the 2nd term , other than Indian National Congress

Last Five year Plan (12th ) - (2012-2017)

15th August 2014 - Announced Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and launched in 2nd Oct 2014

In 2014, the Planning Commission is disolved and replaced as NITI Aayog ( National Institution for Transforming India ) 

Uri attack - 18th Sep 2016

On 8th November 2016, Modi Announced Demonetisation of Currency notes Rs 1000 , and Rs 500 Currency notes

1 July 2017 - 1st GST day

14th Feb 2019 - Pulwama Attack

Failure of Chandrayan 2

31 Oct 2019 - Special Status is removed for Jammu and Kashmir

9 Nov 2019 - End of India's longest Case ( Ayodhya Case )

He got highest civilian award of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Maldives, ( Baharain - 3rd highest civilian award )

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