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List of Important Indian Satellites for competative Exams

List of Important Indian Satellites

  • 1st satellite of India is - Aryabhatta ( 19 Apr 1975 )
  • 1st Experimental Remote Sensing Satellites carries Tv and Microwave cameras - Bhaskara I
  • 1st Satellite Launched in India is - Rohini RS - 1 (10 Aug 1979) (unsucessful)
  • 1st Communication and also a First sucessful satellite launched in India is - Apple
  • India's First Multipurpose Satellite is - INSAT 1A
  • First Operational Remote Sensing Satellite is - IRS 1 A
  • First satellite in the 2nd generation series - INSAT 2
  • India's First mission to moon is - Chandrayaan-1
  • India's First Mars Mission is - Mangalyaan
  • India's First dedicated Multi wavelength Space Observatory - ASTROSAT

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