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Important Lines and Boundaries of the World │ India Cover


      -   VERY  IMPORTANT ( fAq )

Line of Actual Control - India and china on the Northern Border

Durand Line - Afghanistan and Pakistan

Radcliffe Line - India and Pakistan 

Purple Line - Israel and Syria

Blue Line - Israel and Lebanon

Green Line - Israel and its neighbouring countries

Curzon Line - Poland and Russia

Mc Mohan Line - India and china

Maginot Line - France and Germany 

Mannar haime Line - Russia and Finland

Order Neisse Line - Germany and Poland

Hindenburg Line - Poland and Germany ( During 1st World War )

Sigfred Line - France and Germany ( During 2nd World War )

17 th Parallel Line - North and South Vietnam

20th Parallel Line - Libya and Sudan 

22nd Parllel Line - Egypt and Sudan 

31st Parallel Line - Iraq and Iran 

38th Parallel Line - North and South Korea

49th Parallel Line - USA and Canada

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