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WORLD AIDS DAY Know more about AIDS

World AIDS Day

When is World AIDS Day ?

- December 01

THEME of World AIDS Day 2020 : " Communities make the difference "

AIDS = Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

When is world AIDS day first observed
All UN member states on Dec 01 1988

we should put our hands together as a unity, and need to fight against HIV, and to make care and support the people , those who are affected by these disease.....

HIV is the first stage of AIDS.

Causes of HIV Virus :-

"Warning For AIDS ....!!!!"

These AIDS disease is communicated from infected person to non infected person either through blood transfusion such as sexual conduct, Used syringes in hospitals etc..,

Symptoms caused by HIV:

If the person affected by HIV ( Human Immuno Virus ) these are the following symptoms may occur.

- weight loss atleast 10% of body weight
- Chronic Diahorea
- Prolonged fever
- Night sweatness 
- Oppurtunistic lingustics disease such as tuberclousis etc..,
- An unusual cancer
- Loss of apetite

Precautions :

In case of any sexual contact the infected perrson must wear condom if it is male , cervical caps if it is female.

Used syringes should be strictly stop to use other persons

 " we people of the world should fight against the disease AIDS "

Most of the people in the world wear red ribbon on this day for HIV awarness.

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