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Why Tamilnadu is not supporting BJP

Todays Trends is Why Tamil nadu is not supporting BJP ?

This is all time trend during election in India.

In India, there are 29 states
And 552 max strength in lok sabha.. But at present our lok sabha consists of 545seats

Out of 545 seats the majority parties holds as the prime minister of India.

Yesterday results., 

Again Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking charge as a prime minister as consecutives. 

Congratulations Sir, 

PM modi ji can win complete seats in some states like rajasthan, gujarat etc.., 

But unfortunately BJP cant win in Tamilnadu. 

This is the reason 

# Lets start from jalikattu protest, everyone knows about this protest, but here the winner is not PM  or TN CM .., its only for the peoples of TN...

# Farmers are protesting in delhi for 100 days.

# Banning of sterlite cooper, Tuticorin made a protest, but tears of 11 family made Tamilnadu to heartbroke.

# Neet exam ban, need to change the conditions and rules for Neet exam.

# No Importance for railway exam in TN, allowing other states people to contest here, No grammer or other english language related syllabus so they can easily managed to score certain marks.Sometimes making forgery in mark results

# Methane Project making ground water more poisoned, so it may cause leads to cancer

# Chennai to salem 8 lane Highway road, makes easy travel to both the districts, but here the losses are many agriculture lands, kills infrastructure.

# No proper funds is given to gaja cyclone and ooki cyclone

# Fisherman killed by srilankans

The only state which making protest for environment and reasonable things. 

There is politics behind everything, when TN is there means.... 
IPL - CSK and MI final game is for TRP not for the Talenters.

Still now the peoples of tamilnadu..,waiting for good support from any other major parties., 

#TN_rejectsBJP Top tweet hashtag of the day.. 

So this is the reason the peoples are not supporting to BJP,

This 5 years if TN gets good support means, surely the supported party will win here. 

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