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Why World Laughter Day is Celebrating


Keeping smiling always, 

When is World Laughter Day ?

World laughter day is celebrated on every first Sunday May, and mothers day is celebrated on every 2nd Sunday of May

When was world Laughter Day celebrated first ?

This day is 1st celebrated on May 10 1988

Who founded this World Laughter Day ?

Founder : Dr Madan Katria ( Worldwide Laughter yoga Movement)

Don't bother about the future, leave the present peacefully. Thinking about the future may creates stress, so this will fails to enjoy your present life.

Survey Report
110 million peoples leads to death due to depression and stress
approximately 7 peoples for every 2 seconds falls death

What are the advanatge of laughing :

1, Reduces your stress harmones
2, Reduce your chance of heart attack
3, Reduce of anger
4, Reduce of Tension and anxiety
5, Increases your immune cells
6, Increases your infection - fighting antibodies
7, You may get natural and healthy chemical for reliving all sort of pain 
8, Morning Laugh makes your day more positive.
9, Gives more confidence and you can face easily unwanted situation.
10, You will attached to nature and this, Keeps environment Normal.
11, Only medicine that relaxes your body is laughing 
12, Proper blood Circulation
13, Increases your Life span 
14, burns your calories nearly 40 to 50 , when you laugh around 10 to 30 minutes

Drawbacks :

1, Mouth Pain

Note :
1, Minimum Laughing Time : 10 to 15 Minutes
2, Maximum Laughing time : 45 minutes  

" Be Bold "

" Keep smiling "

" Be Patience "

" Handle the situation very cool manner "

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