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Body Mass Index General Science [Gain Weight Naturally]

Body Mass Index [ Importance ] :

Are You Fit Physically or Medically 

Let's we check, before that why body mass index is the important part of our health .

Body Mass Index is part of science subjects that some questions will be for your competitive exams, But, here this article also useful for your health and fitness and also at the same time you can learn about health of aspirants before the exams

What is BMI ?

Body Mass Index is the specification that tells about the condition of your body either it is normal or overweight or underweight or case of condition may be a obesity. BMI is Calculated by height and weight. From my part of view , BMI - (20-22 ) is good  

Obesity persons need to do regular exercise and also maintain diet control. There is lot of diet helps in reducing weight such diet are : Raw Diet , Water Diet , 1 Month Diet, Yearly Diet.

Here I am Suggesting the mobile application to know the content of the calories "Healthyfi Me"

How to Calculate Body Mass Index ?

To calculate Body Mass Index, we should know more about weight and our height. Using this body specification you can easily calculate BMI by below given equation :-
BMI Calculation = { (weight) / height2 } x 10000

Body Mass Index Chart

To calculate BMI : [Illustration] A person weighs about 58kgs and height 171cm
BMI = 19.83 ( normal )
I used this tips to increase my weight….

BMI Chart Explanation :

According to World Health Organization (WHO) Report human health and fitness related with BMI is calculated and classified based on this criteria such as :- 

Under Weight :

If a person is measured BMI is less than 18 , then the person is considered as Under Weight, For this condition the person may lead to cause some nervous in there hand. So plan for the good diet and go for Gym to increase your weight. Balanced Diet is enough to move from Under weight to Normal Weight.

Normal Weight :

Normal Weight is the person who are normally BMI value ranges from 18 to 24. But, being at the border position in BMI value either 18 or 24. Because it may happen at any cause to either Under Weight or Over weight. Try to maintain the weight.

Over weight :

If the person is not in normal condition or Under weight, it may leads to cause Overweight when the condition of BMI value is above 24 to 27. It is possible to maintain the weight to the normal condition. Only it can be cleared and maintained through exercise only. And also Consult Doctor if the condition becomes bad.

Obesity :

If the BMI value is above the over weight condition, then the person is said to be obese. Obesity is the production of lot of fats in the body that may get a huge risk to heart attack etc.., So its better to consulting doctor is compulsory.

HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT [ Naturally ] [Cheap tip]

Healthy person needs normal BMI ( Body Mass Index ) This BMI are used in Medical fitness checking 

Which Food gain Weight ?

Eating Peanuts may increase your weight fast.

Drink water before eating peanuts in the morning

Take 20 minutes gap after drinking water ,then

Take daily 25gms to 50 grams of peanuts to eat

If you eat 25gms per day your weight will increase 1.5kg to 3kg per month

For 50gms per day your weight will increase 2 to 4 kg.

I prefer 25gms eating is good for students.
And 50 grams eating is good for workers / labors

For the beginners , eat 50 grams on 1st day, then see what happens after eating, because some persons does not satisfy peanuts to his body condition. If the condition is good do it daily, else consult doctor

Don’t eat 100 grams per day it will create more problem.

If your BMI reached 22, strictly you should stop eat.


My strategy
Before Eating Peanuts
During Engineering counseling – 50kg / 170cm
College 1st year – 50kg/170cm
College 2nd year – 50.5kg/ 171cm
College 3rd year – 51 kg /171 cm
College final year – 51.5kg /171cm
Company 3months – 52kg /171cm

After Eating Peanuts
Drink water before eating peanuts
25gms per day my weight in company 4th month – 53.5kg (gained 1.5kg)
5th month in company – 56kg (gained 2.5kg)
I stopped eating peanuts presently my weight is 59kg.

Conclusion :

Hope everyone is got an good idea, especially aspirants because this page is completely for the aspirants only.

Please comment below after getting good result.

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