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Intresting Facts first floating Nuclear Power Plant setup

World first floating nuclear Power plant,

" Baltiysky Zavod "

The first floating nuclear power plant, in Russia

The world's first floating nuclear power plant is currently being built at the Baltiysky Zavod shipyard in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

It contains two KLT-40C naval propulsion reactors with a 35 MWe capacity each

Building - 1

Planned - At least 7

Operators - Rosatom

Length - 144.4m

Displacement - 21500 tonnes

Crew - 69

It is non selfpropelled vessel


It is an autonomous site that can provide electricity and heat to areas with difficult access, such as the cold Northern territories. 

It can also provide drinking water to dry areas, via desalination techniques.


It has very low enivronmental Impacts


Need to be free from radioactive leak in sea. 

Important Gk Quiz :

1, Which is the World First floating Nuclear Power plant - Baltiysky Zavod

2, Where is the World first floating Nuclear Power Plant is situated - Russia

3, Capital of Russia - Moscow

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