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How to Earn Money Through Online


Introduction to earn money:-

Welcome you all to the topic about earning money. Here we are going to discuss about how to earn money in Online. From the below list I have listed some websites and games to earn money.

Accounts needed for earn money site :-

- Paypal, ( To open Paypal account .. go to this ( Paypal Link ) In the top right click Signup< Select Individual Account < Email address , mobile number< and password< Add Bank account )

- Paytm ( KYC must ),
- Bank Accounts,
- Payooner ,
- Perfect Money.


1, DREAM 11
    Its a right time to login because for new users they are giving season pass, free entry,
    If your pass is over means , you need to pay amount from Rs 10 or 15 to 7k+
    Minimum withdrawal limit : Rs 200
    Account verification : PAN Card and Bank Account Number

2, MPL mobile game
    Interesting Games such as copied temple run, eight pool, Bubble shooter etc.
    Minimum withdrawal limit : Rs 01 /-
    Account verification : PAN Card and paytm mobile number

3, Hot star during IPL match season
    You can cashback from hotstar while watching Cricket Match. You can get offers in 
    Amazon , Yatra ,Dominos Pizza etc. 

4, Bigpesa mobile game
    You can easily earn Money its a ad free game portal 
    Includes games such as Knife shooter , Quiz etc
    Minimum Withdrawal Limit : Rs 50/-
    Account verification : PayTm Mobile Number 

5, Gamezop mobile game
    Its similar to Bigpesa , in this game portal includes many paid games , and 2 
    free entry games available daily you may earn from Rs 100 to Rs 1
    Minimum Withdrawal Limit : Rs 1/-
    Account verification : PayTm Mobile Number

6, MCent Browser only for recharge
    Gamezop available in this browser 
    Open the browser < and click Play games < Enter mobile Number < and
    start Playing games

7, Pay TM
    Quiz games , Game prediction etc..,
    Direct Payment

8, Cricplay 
    Cricket game prediction Free entry is available for every Matches
    Minimum Withdrawal Limit : Rs 50/-

9, HalaPlay
    Cricket game prediction Free entry is available for every Matches
    Minimum Withdrawal Limit : Rs 50/-

10, Rummy Circle
      This is most famous earning game app and it is most trusted apps , just take
      practise session before entering in the tournament or contest
      Minimum Withdrawal limit : Rs 50/-

11, PUB G 
      This game is very famous for current trends , you can earn through this games by
      killing soldiers of oppenents
      Minimum Withdrawal limit : **

12, MX Player
                 To Play this game just select games in update Mx player.. easy scoring and earning games are available collectively
If you cant play the game means u need to update the app..,
Just install MX player - see below ( videos, online ....etc and games is there ) click and play the games... 
Minimum withdrawl limit : 5 per day
Maximum withdrawl limit : 20 per day
Paytm Cash

13, Mojoo Player - dont play it

14, Tap Tap - dont play this games very tough one

15, Ace Rummy -  Use Bonus amount to play this game
 Minimum withdrawl limit : 200rs

Professional Type :-

1, Freelancer - Earn from doing the task in freelancer. (For this you need to bid the project proposals before you doing work. And please dont pay any amount for getting jobs because lot of scams are available.

2, Fiver - Create a sample work and upload the files, and after if anyone needs work means they will hire you.

3, Content Writting - There is a lot of website ready to give you amount for content writing work

4, Blogging

5, You tube

6, Trading ( Share Market ) - If you are interested in this means kindly mail me i will guide you to earn income. (

Skill Based work :- ( you need to clear interview )

1, Askwonder, Rev - professional research assistant work here you need to clear the interview ( Grammar knowledge must ) work is transcript...type ( hear the voice and type )

2, Chegg -  Online Tutor Chat work ( You need to pass 2 exams . one is subject expert exam and another is guidelines test) ( fit for tutors)

3, Tcy Online - No Interview . Earn money by typing multiple choice questions

4, Vedanta , Unacademy .. etc.., ( for teaching work )

Just follows and get fast updates about trends...and other earning techniques.

and comment below if you found any trusted game portal or u need to know information comment below with you mail id.. we will reach you soon through online.

The above mentioned work are tried and taken payments. And should not pay any fees amount to any website except trading website.

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