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How to Calculate BMI and Tips and Tricks

How BMI is Calculated

Here BMI is calculated in both ways by metric type and Imperial type.

BMI - Body Mass Index

100 cm = 1m

If your height is 171cm = 1.71m

Enter the Value of height and weight

BMI Formula

BMI = Weight (in kg) / Height ²  (in m)

What is BMI ?

Body Mass Index is the specification that tells about the condition of your body either it is normal or overweight or underweight or case of condition may be a obesity. BMI is Calculated by height and weight. From my part of view , BMI - (20-22 ) is good  

Obesity persons need to do regular exercise and also maintain diet control. There is lot of diet helps in reducing weight such diet are : Raw Diet , Water Diet , 1 Month Diet, Yearly Diet.

Here I am Suggesting the mobile application to know the content of the calories "Healthyfi Me"

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