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What to do after Completing 12th Standard ?

What to do after 12th std?

What to do after Completing 12th Standard ?

Are you in confusion of choosing the course, this is the right place Many of them are in confusion, "what to do after completion of 12th std", shall I go for short term course or long term course. 

What should I do after 12th std

For Maths Biology /computer /commerce  students

Here we are providing some " Tips " in choosing your Career.. 
And this will help for those who are having questions like, what to do after 12th std Commerce, what to do after 12th std Computer science course, which is the best course after 12th std.

LONG TERM COURSES AFTER 12TH STD :-                                               

1, Chances in the field of Engineering - according to field of survey 80% engineers are unemployed every year...

" study engineering only for learning and gaining knowledge , not only for getting job" ( Preferred for Computer and Biology Students )


should be interested in learning about biology (prefered only for biology students)

3, BDS 

same as MBBS (prefered only for biology students)

4, Arts and science 

should be interest in related field

5, B.Sc agriculture

6, Chartered Accountant (Right choice for commerce students)

7, BABL - ( lawyear)

Short term courses after 12th std

8, piping - foreign opportunity

9, Hardware and software - animation - 3D - Game creating - video editing field 6 months to 2 years course available in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi,

10, Aviation ( airlines staff)

11, Hospitality ( Top restaurants course job)

12, NDT level 2 - foreign opportunity

13, Government Exams ( NDA, Navy, Indian Army, Indian Airforce, Tnpsc, rrb,SSC) ( To know more )

14, Business ( like mobile phone repairing , Service centre , etc )


Which is the best Courses after 12th Commerce?

If you are having much knowledge in this commerce field just try to move your career to chartered accountant. If you want to start chartered accountant at first clear the CPT Exams and after I will tell what to do comment below if you completed means.

Which is the best Courses after 12th std Biology?

You having lot of opportunities, If your going to do business means just try Food and safety courses, and more over go with low competition courses. This will help you

Which is the best courses after 12th std Computer science?

Its a digital world, so keep focusing in digital manner. Try to learn Artificial Intelligence, SEO, SMO, web development etc as a short term course. Advantage of choosing this job is you can work as freelancer while you studying.


I think now you are in clear understanding about the courses listed above. To know more detail about any course comment below. I will explain more clearly and elaborately.

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